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Number 1 (1998)

Ullmann: De Terezin au Canada 3
A musical duet 4
Dictionary of Austrian-Canadians  5
Paul Kling: Violinist of the century  5
Austrians take their place in the Canadian family tree  6
Innsbruck: The first Canadian Studies Centre  7
Austrian Centre established in Canada  7
Cultural events / Manifestations culturelles  12

Number 2 (1998)

Austrian Centre opens in Edmonton 3
Culture et droits de l’homme  5
Back to the roots: A courageous Torontonian takes the initiative  7
The Vienna Choir Boys and their Canadian connection 8
An exhibition by Ernestine Tahedl 9
Meeting of the Austrian-Canadian Council 9
New book on emigration from Austria  10
Tintner: Conducting at 80  11
A Canadian Centre at the University of Vienna 12
Canadian driver’s license valid in Austria 12
Czerny Festival planned  12
Cultural events / Manifestations culturelles  16

Number 1 (1999)

In the shadow of Beethoven: Carl Czerny deserves his own spot in the sun 3
Czerny Festival preparations kicked off in Edmonton  4
Building plurality: Culture in an evolving global context  5
1998 ACC Dissertation Prize 7
A profile of the new president of the Austrian-Canadian Council  8
German-Slovene language maintenance studied  9
Agreement on training and exchange of young workers signed  9
Cultural events / Manifestations culturelles 12

Number 2 (1999)

High Arctic 1997/98: Fish from sensitive ecosystems as bio-indicators of climate change 3
The Tyrolean Iceman and the seamen from Beechey Island  5
Central European culture today 7
Psychoanalysis and culture  7
Renaissance et survie de la Schrammelmusik  8
Inuk - An opera celebrating the interaction of man and nature  9
SOS Children’s Villages in Canada  10
Cultural events / Manifestations culturelles  12

Special Supplement: Reports from the
Johann Strauss Foundation, Victoria A
Austrian-Canadian Society Calgary A
Club Austria Edmonton A
Johann Strauss Foundation, Edmonton B
Friends of Austria, Winnipeg B
Burgenländer Club Toronto, Inc. B
Canadian-Austrian Society of Toronto C
The Ottawa Schrammel Quartett C
The Austrian Alpine Singers D
The Austria-Canada hockey link D
First Austrian Music Workshop E
Austrian Society Ottawa E
Interview with Jill LaForty, Music Producer for CBC Radio Two G
Establishment of a broadened Training Exchange Program between Canada and Austria H

Number 3 (1999)

From Michelangelo to Picasso: Albertina facsimiles to tour Canada  3
Ambitious agenda for Canadian Austrian Centre  4
Karl Kaiser: Great wines in Canada? Yes, indeed!  5
Jean Daigle dit L’allemand  7
CCAuCES Director honoured  8
ACC Foundation Update  9
United Media Artists hosts Austrian artists  10
Cultural events / Manifestations culturelles  12

Number 1 (2000)

Austrian Studies Centre strengthened by generous gift: The Manfred F. Wirth Endowment 3
Diplomacy in the age of globalization 4
Shaping the great city: Modern architecture in Central Europe, 1890-1937 5
Writing the Austrian traditions: The relationship between Austrian philosophy and literature 7
Student trainee exchange programme approved 7
Austrian artists exhibit in Toronto 8
Le photographe Eugen Kedl 9
Manfred F. Wirth: A brief biography 10
Cultural events / Manifestations culturelles  12

Special Supplement: Fifth Anniversary of the ACC
Preparations for the “Austrian Immigration to Canada“ research project, Ottawa, May 20-21, 1994 B
International symposium on “Austrian Immigration to Canada” at Carleton University in Ottawa, May 19-21, 1995 C
Inaugural meeting of the Austrian-Canadian Council at the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto, February 14, 1995 D
The performance of “The Emperor of Atlantis” by Viktor Ullmann at the National Arts Centre, on October 22, 1996 E
Award ceremonies for the ACC Dissertation Prize, 1997-1999 F
Austrian-Canadian Council elections 1998 G
Toronto: The “Decoration of Merit in Gold” for John Robert Raschke H
A Gala Night in Vienna – Honouring the Austrian Ambassador I
First Austrian Music Workshop for Youth, Ottawa, 1999 I
Austrian-American Council “Conference in Albuquerque and Sante Fé, New Mexico, “ November 4-7, 1999 J
Raising funds for good causes at bingo events in Ottawa K
SOS Children’s Villages Canada, SOS Canada 30th anniversary, and SOS International 50th anniversary celebrations K
Quebec City: Eugen Kedl – Canada’s premier photographer L
Austrian-Canadian Council: Summary of activities, 1995-2000 M
Meeting of the Austrian-Canadian Council in September 2000 M
The Kitchener-Waterloo Alpine Dancers. 20 years: 1979-1999 N
The third Viennese Winter Ball in Ottawa O
“Austria Week” in Edmonton, Alberta, September 1998 P
Ceremony and luncheon in honour of Dr. Manfred Wirth on December 20, 1999 in Rockcliffe, Ontario R
A farewell to His Excellency, Dr. Walther Lichem R
A welcome to the new Austrian Ambassador to Canada T

Number 2 (2000)

The establishment of Imperial Austrian Consulates in Canada, 1850-1914  3
Globalization in the 18th century: Three battles shape the destiny of Austria and Canada 4
Living and working in two worlds: A Canadian artistic director, singer and choreographer in Austria 5
Vienna’s Heldenplatz to visit Canada  6
Edmund Husserl and the sciences 7
Exhibitions by Emestine Tahedl 8
High decoration for Professor Karl Steiner  8
A Gustav Mahler event on CBC  9
Cultural events / Manifestations culturelles  12

Special Supplement
Walter Ott: Master Engraver and Director of the Canadian Mint A
Heinrich Sandler: Austrian painter visits and exhibits in Vancouver C
Présentation du livre: Le Canada en Miles Images D
ACC supports photo exhibit and book launch D
Canada’s Austrian community bids farewell to the former president of Austria D
Karl-Franz Hafner: A life-long passion for physics E
As the world turns- Ottawa is not at the North Pole E
Ottawa Schrammeln and Alpentrio trip to Boston F
Austrians contribute to the Canadian Heritage Garden at Rideau Hall H

Number 1 (2001)

Ernst Krenek: ‘Companion of the 20th Century’ 3
Ernst Krenek exhibition in Canada 4
“Salons Viennois” autour de Wittgenstein et Kraus 5
Expressionist masterpiece comes to Canada 6
President of Austria’s Parliament in Canada 7
Agnes Grossman: World-renowned conductor 8
Public readings on the “Grand Seigneur” of Vienna’s theatre critics 9
Canadian-Austrian trade to reach $1.2 BN 10
Austrian films in Canada  11
Toronto’s Austrian Alpine Singers tour Austria  13
Vienna Choir Boys began North American Tour in Ottawa 14
Austrian composer sets Atwood’s “Night in the ROM”  15
More gold for Canada 16
Black Neutral Objects: Exhibition by Gertrude Moser-Wagner at the Durham Art Gallery 17
Cultural events / Manifestations culturelles 20

Number 2 (2001)

Gustav Klimt exhibit at the National Gallery 3
Klimt and Schiele drawings to tour Canada 4
Austrian Haflinger horses thrive in Canada 5
La société de musique viennoise du Québec  6
Barbara Faast, multi-accordéoniste viennois 7
Canadian professor wins prestigious medal 8
Austria well-represented in Canadian musical life 9
Gerhard Wuensch: Composer for all genres 10
Husserl and the Austrian tradition 11
Austrian ball fever sweeps Canada: Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto and Victoria 13
Kurt Paümann: Building bridges between Canada and Austria 17
Cultural events / Manifestations culturelles 20

Number 3 (2001)

The English-language premiere of Johann Nestroy’s “The Talisman” 3
Austria-Canada: Common challenges, common goals 5
The Austrian-Canadian sculptor Elfriede Berger 6
Canadian and American Austrian Centers collaborate on joint project 7
Vienna ‘Secession’ treasures exhibited in Edmonton 8
“Salute to Vienna” - World’s greatest New Year’s celebrations 10
A Coat of Arms for the Friends of Austria in Manitoba 11
The Austrian-Canadian Council Awards program 12
The Austria Vancouver Club’s Melody Choir and Edelweiss Dancers tour Austria 14
ACC Foundation Director resigns 15
Toronto: Canada’s biggest Burgenländer-town 16
High-ranking Austrian business delegations visit Canada 17
Modem Canadian dance in Austria 17
The value of a National Day in a time of globalization? 18
Austrian-Canadians to commemorate immigration at Pier 21 18
Cultural events / Manifestations culturelles  20

Number 1 (2002)

“Jewish Vienna” exhibit tours Canada 3
Canadian art students respond to Klimt and Schiele 5
Biographical Dictionary of Austrians in Canada published 6
Austria-Canada: Co-operation on the basis of common values 7
Former Austrian Ambassador awarded honourary doctorate in Alberta 8
Star researcher to return to Austria 9
Austrian Society Ottawa acknowledges services to the community 10
Austrian National Day celebration in Halifax on October 26, 2001 11
Hedy Lamarr collection to move to Vienna from Vancouver 12
Czerny Festival announced 13
50 years of Austrian immigration to Canada 14
Commemorating our arrival on Pier 21 15
Austrian International Club Kingston awards medals 17
Format and content of Oe Culture well-liked 18
Cultural events / Manifestations culturelles 20

Number 1 (2003)

Totem pole connects Canada and Austria in friendship 3
Austro-Hungarian Emigration to B.C. and the I. & R. Austro-Hungarian Consulate Vancouver 5
Le très connu Johann Strauss, le trop connu Johann Strauss? 7
Alexis Hauser appointed music director at McGill 8
Austrian know-how advances research 8
Austrian a cappella group Bauchklang a big hit in Quebec 9
Arnold Schoenberg Choir performs at Toronto festival 10
Eugen Kedl receives the Order of Canada 11
New Austrian club, the Friends of Austria Ottawa Inc. established 11
ACC awards handed out to members of the Austrian-Canadian Society Calgary 12
The fourth generation of the von Trapp Family sang at the Grand Ball “Night in Vienna” 12
Austrian-Canadian Council participates in meetings of the Auslandsösterreicherwerk and the Weltbund 14
Austrian Minister of the Interior visits Canada 17
Christine Meyer initiates successful fundraiser for Austrian flood relief 17
Cultural events / Manifestations culturelles 20

Number 1 (2004)

Austrian Centre re-named “Wirth Institute”  3
International Hugo Wolf Celebration makes stop in Canada 5
Cross-Canada concert tour by the St. Florian Boys Choir 7
Inga Michalek elected ACC president 8
Patron funds Assistant Director position at Austrian Centre 9
IMAGO Theatre group comes to Nova Scotia for 2003 World Theatre Congress 10
A letter from the new Austrian ambassador, Dr. Otto Ditz 11
Roland Pirker: Documenting the “10th province” 12
Auslandsösterreicher-Weltbund meeting in Graz, Styria 13
Austrian-Canadian Council Awards: Austria Club of Windsor. Austria Alpine Singers and Steirer Klub Toronto 14
Austrian Society Ottawa 15
Ambassador Ettmayer leaves posting in Canada. Prime Minister of Canada attends Ottawa’s Viennese Winter Ball 16
Interdisciplinary field trip to Canadian universities 17
50 years Alpine Club Kitchener 18
Austrian-Canadian Society Calgary 19
Cultural events 20

Number 2 (2004)

The Franz Grillparzer Symposium at the University of Alberta 3
Franz Grillparzer, Austria’s leading dramatist 4
Former Austrian Vice-Chancellor honours Institute patron 5
Austrian “influence" in the Nova Scotia Legislature 6
Austrian-Canadian Symposium 2005 7
Cultural and knowledge transfer between Austria and Canada 8
Keeping Alpine traditions alive 10
A visit to the Canadian Studies Centre at the University of Innsbruck 11
Thomas Klestil, President of Austria, dead at the age of 71. Dr. Robert Feibl an innovator in the field of orthopaedic surgery
Ottawa Heart Institute receives donation 13
Multinationalism and multiculturalism: A year in Vienna 14
Austrian guest professor flourishes in Canada 15
Peter Strausz receives Award. Welcoming the new Austrian Ambassador to Canada 16
Salzburg Chamber soloists tour Alberta 17
Cultural events 20

Number 1 (2005)

The Austrian Celebration and Symposium: Ottawa, May 16 to 23, 2005 1
Austrian School of Economics celebrated at the University of Alberta 4
A snapshot of Viennese Modernism literature at Dalhousie University 5
40th Anniversary Celebrations at the Continental Austrian Club in Burlington, Ontario on June 18, 2005 6
The history of the Continental Austrian Club in Burlington, Ontario: 1965 to the present 7
Former Austrian Ambassador returns to Canada as Guest Professor 8
Volunteer appreciation dinner in Ottawa 9
A profile of the multi-talented artist Fred Schopf 10
Austria now represented in Atlantic Canada by Honourary Consul General 11
ACC Dissertation Prize awarded to Marc-Oliver Schuster 12
The Johann Strauss Foundation of British Columbia 13
Austrian National Day Celebrations in Vancouver 14
Who is afraid of Elfriede Jelinek? 15
An Outsider’s View 18
Photos from the Austrian Celebration and Symposium 19
Cultural events 46

Number 1 (2006)

Wirth Institute celebrates Mozart Year, 2006 3
Austrian cinema: A history 4
Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada performs AMADEUS 5
SOS Children's Villages Canada launches Ghana film 6
Oskar Stubits: A most successful Burgenländer 7
The expatriate Austrian community meets in Klagenfurt 8
Katajjak - Inuit throat singing peformances in Austria 9
Cultural exchanges between high schools in Vancouver, and Vienna and Innsbruck 10
The Kaiser-Ball in Winnipeg 11
MALCA comes to Canada 12
Annual General Meeting of the Austrian-Canadian Council 15
The Austrian EU Presidency 2006 17
Ottawa's annual Viennese Winter Ball 18
Novel treatment for male incontinence created by two doctors from the University of Innsbruck now available in Canada 19
Hans Gmoser: Austrian-Canadian mountain pioneer 21
"One hand on the ladder." An Austrian comes home to Canada 22
Cultural events 24


Austrian Literature Association meets in Canada 3
Klagenfurt and Laval are partner cities 4
Wirth Institute Director honoured in Austria 5
Delegation from the Province of Burgenland visited Toronto 6
ACC Awards for the Austrian-Canadian Society of Toronto 7
Canadian opera singers honoured 8
The Belle of the Ball 2007 9
Austrian Jewish refugees commemorated 10
Cirque du Soleil in Vienna 11
Symposium in honour of Manfred Prokop 12
Hans Ockermueller: Businessman and diplomat 13
AÖWB gathering in Austria's most westerly province 15
Karl Gyaki: Ambassador of Austrian wine to Canada 16
Wirth Institute to celebrate 10th anniversary 19
Eugen Kedl opens picture exhibition to commemorate 399th anniversary of Quebec City 20
Männerquintett Klagenfurt-Ponfeld hosted by Kitchener's Alpine Dancers 21
Celebrating 400 Years of Canada: Clichés and reality at Innsbruck's Zentrum für Kanadastudien 23
Cultural events 24


Austrian Centre celebrates 10th anniversary 3
From Brazil to Canada: Welcome to the new Austrian Ambassador 5
Alfred Wirth continues to support charities aimed at health, culture and education 6
Conference at the University of Ottawa: Gender and modernity in Europe: The Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy and its legacy 7
Marina Kovrig supports Post-Doctoral Fellowship 9
ACC Dissertation Prize awarded to musicologist 10
Austrian Centres of the world meet in Canada 11
MGV Kaning on tour through Western Canada 12
U of A welcomes new Austrian guest professor and research fellow 13
Austrian scholars in Canada 14
Top-notch Carinthian choir visits Canada 15
Alberta's Austrian Library Collection highlighted 16
"The Path of Remembrance" dedicated to the Jewish residents of the Volkertviertel 18
Joseph Kandler: To make a difference 19
Josef Ebner: Hôtelier extraordinaire 21
Cultural events 24

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