The Mission Statement

We are a charitable foundation which seeks to sponsor and promote Austrian culture in Canada, act as a coordinating body for Austrian and Austrian-Canadian activities in Canada, and are the national voice of Austrians and Austrian-Canadians in Canada.

The Council ()
Postal address:
1391 Cavendish Rd.
Ottawa ON  K1H 6B8

ACC Executive for the 2011 – 2015 Term


Office Incumbent
Honorary Chairperson Dr. Alfred Wirth
President Roland K. Pirker
Past President Inga Michalek
Vice President Christine Meyer
Secretary Gabriel (Gabi) Kaindl
Awards and Membership Chairman Gerhard (Garry) Bonner
Treasurer Ingrid Feil
Legal Advisor Heidemarie K. Kelly
OE Culture Editor Dr. Manfred Prokop
Board Of Directors Roland K. Pirker
Gerhard (Garry) Bonner
Otto Heberlein
Christine Meyer
Inga Michalek
Franz Plangger
Regional ACC Representative Manitoba Peter Strausz
Ex-officio Members Mag. Arno Riedel,
Austrian Ambassador for Canada
Prof. Dr. Joseph Patrouch,
Director of the Wirth Institute
for Austrian and Central
European Studies